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About Us

TRYKE is not just a company; it's a driving force behind the tricycle transportation industry.

We don't just leverage technology; we empower tricycle drivers, amplifying their income and transforming their lives. Our commitment goes beyond innovation; it's about enhancing the daily journey for both drivers and passengers.

At our core, we're all about the drivers. We're here to revolutionize the tricycle transportation sector and elevate the lives of those who navigate its paths.

About tryke people

Book a TRYKE to go to your desired location within Pampanga.


Earn money by accepting more rides through our TRYKE App

Technology-driven Booking Platform

Our user-friendly app allows easy tricycle ride bookings for passengers, ensuring convenience.

Fare Calculation System

Our advanced fare calculation system accurately determines fares based on distance and other factors.

Community Engagement

We actively engage with local communities, collaborating on initiatives that improve tricycle transportation and benefit the community.

Professional Tryke Drivers
  • Safer tricycle Rides for Filipinos
  • Tryke’s ambition is to create safe and hassle-free tricycle rides for everyone.
  • Tryke employs only the best IT team to guard our user’s accounts, transaction data, e-wallet, and private information.
  • Confidence in every ride.
Our Team
About tryke people

Our team consists of skilled professionals in technology, transportation, and business management.

We work together to develop cutting-edge solutions that drive positive change in the industry.

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19 JASA Road, Santo Domingo,
Mexico, Pampanga 2021

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